Form(-parts) reuse

Would it be possible to create something like a form model? Which is attached to an entity for example (but not necessarily as there are entity independent forms). The purpose of a form model would be reusablility - I am sure that most of the developers copy and paste forms, grids, views and parts from one form into another - because it is quick. This however causes a lot of trouble and maintenance issues in the long run - because if a form needs updating and part of the form has been used in different forms than I need to manually find and change those as well. If on the other hand it would be possible to define form snippets/parts (call it whatever you like) and if it were possible to insert them into an existing form just like we drag and drop attributes on a form, then updating the defined form (entire or part) will update all occurences of this form-part. Would something like this be possible and feasible? This would enhance the development speed and experience. Especially in terms of maintenance.
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This is certainly possible and feasible. I'd suggest filing a feature request in our support portal.