Is there any way I can reach widget names within a Microflow or do I have to put it down as a feature request?

Right now, for testing purposes, I manually put in the names of widgets like those of data grids, data views, buttons et cetera.
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I'm not entirely clear on what exactly you're trying to achieve. Could you provide some more background and details?


Are you trying to put the name of a widget in the class of the widget? Or the ID? If it's a Mendix Widget/UI element (I think this is what you mean), there will be a classname indicating what it is in the top HTML element, with a mx- prefix.

Example at

<div class="mx-navigationtree mx-name-navigationTree2"  id="mxui_widget_NavigationTree_1"  widgetid="mxui_widget_NavigationTree_1">

mx-navigationtree indicates that it's a navigation tree, as will mx-datagrid be added as a class for a datagrid, etc. You can use these classnames, combined with IDs for automated testing.

Does this answer your question?


In Javascript you can get a list of all the widgets when you use:


This will actually contain all the names of the widgets as keys in this object