Template-grid with a memory...?

Hi Mendix-heroes! I've got a template-grid with non-selectable template-grid-items. The grid features a button which is triggered by a single click, which brings the user to another page showing more details of the clicked item. There's a nice 'backwards' button in that page, which shows the previous page with the template-grid, so another item can be clicked for details. So far so good. But... If the default 'go back' button in the browser is used, the previously clicked template-grid-item shows up selected. On clicking another item, the details-page doesn't show the details of the second item, but of the first. Has any of you experienced something similar? How can this be? It only happens when the browser's backwards-button is used, not when the page's backwards-button is used. I hope you can help me solving this weird bug :)
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