Theme: character size difference between IE and Firefox

I have a custom theme which works fine in Firefox, but the character size of the characters in a form is larger (at least looks larger) in IE. What is the best way to day to deal with this ? Firefox vs IE: Should have been solved in 2.5.2, but is not. Therefore I still have the question how to deal with the difference in font-size between IE and Firefox.
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The best way to deal with this:

Specify the font-size in the body class of your custom theme:

body {

     font-size: 12px; (use your own font-size here)


If you see differences between the form input, style these classes:

.mendixFormView_textBox, .mendixFormView_textArea {

    font-size:12px; (use your own font-size here)

You can do this for each css class in mendix by using firebug to identify the css class of specific html entities. Most of 'm are pretty much styled, so just look for differences between different browsers and styles these classes.


Try to give the label the specific size and font-family. It looks like that's the problem in the screenshot.

The reset.css is missing in Mendix version and it's possible that IE changes the font-size/family. I'll take a closer look tomorrow! Hope this helps.