I have an entity RACK with a reference set association to servers. Which is logical as one rack can hold more than one server. One server on the other hand can only reside on one rack. How can I represent this on a form. If I set the association owner to both then I can only use a reference set selector on the server form - however i should only be able to select one rack. I need a reference selector on the server form and a reference set selector on the rack form. This association should be shared. how can I achieve this? Do I have to create a server to rack association and set the relationship via a microflow, or is there an easier option? Update to answer: this is good however I can only select a rack in the server form, I cannot select multiple servers in the rack form.
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What you want to use is a reference (and not a reference set) between the RACK entity and the server entity with the owner being the RACK entity. This way, a RACK can have multiple servers, but a server can only have a single RACK. (Just like a customer can place multiple orders, but an order can only be related to 1 customer)

See the link below for more information

Reference Guide 2.5: Associations


this means that i loose the add association functionality that the reference set selector brings with itself. So i need to mimic this behaviour using microflows?


If you build a form with a dataview containing the entity rack and in that dataview a datagrid or template grid with server_rack/server you can now create/edit servers for this rack using a serverNewEdit form.