owner could not be bound

I have created an entity notes, which are linked to another object via a reference. When creating a note the owner is properly displayed. However when saved the datagrid does not show the owner and editing the form also doesnt show owner. When trying to sort grid on the owner column i get the following error: com.microsoft.sqlserver.jdbc.sqlserverexception: The multi-part identifier "system.user.system$owner" could not be bound
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I don't know how to solve this using system.user.system$owner, but the way I would display the owner / creator of an object is to have a microflow on creation of a Note that retrieves the object that a user is (system.user or a sub-entity thereof) with Xpath [id = $currentUser] and First object only checked, and then write the Name attribute of the retrieved object to, for example, a CreatedBy attribute of the Note entity.