Generate automatically a defined wordpress page with Mx input

hi We have a situation where the user is giving input to create a company profile page in our Mx app. This page is a stunning wordpress based page with some php, js, etc. The reason we create the company profile pages in wordpress is the ease of creating nice, simple looking pages and search engine friendliness. When the user filled in the of, we want that the wordpress page will be generated automatically with that input. I am wondering how to reach this and whether you have done similar? Other advices are also welcome.
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There is more than one solution for this, this is one:

  1. Create a way to publish data from your Mendix app (Webservice/Rest service/ choose one)
  2. Find someone to write a wordpress plugin. This plugin has to call the interface and create a wordpres page from mendix data
  3. Publish the plugin so everyone can use it.