Mendix for NGO

Hello, I'm following the online training and I'm thinking when my training will be finish. I'm a volunteering for Online Volunteering ( a program of United Nations. Some days ago my contact in Cameroun, ask me if it's possible to develop a little Web application for his needs. They don't have money to pay an hosting. My idea is to use this little project to improve my Mendix knowledge, but I need to be sure that in the future they can continue to use for free their application. Another important point is : Can I use Mendix free environment to this "no personal" project ? I have also a second Web project in Guatemala and El Salvador. This project will be a little bit more difficult for a beginner, but I think that Mendix it's perfect as RAD environment for this organization. Many thanks for informations.
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Hi Francesco, nice that you help people!

Actually i think that no one could guarantee the continuity of Mendix and the (free) apps on the long term. To be honest what if tomorrow Oracle/SAP/Microsoft etc will buy Mendix and enclose their services in their current services...? Of course there will be a transition period, but at the end you are working with a non-open source platform....We can hope that they will make plans for the existing Mx (free) customers....