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I am using the custom searchbar widget (also used in appstore) but cannot see placeholder text (under localisation options in properties) such as 'empty value text' or 'nothing found text' I had problems displaying the images associated with this widget as they are placed inside the widgets folder and not in the main widget folder - see forum post Could this also be related to the same problem? If so what file do I need to copy to the main widget folder? Addition: The widget also seems to have issues with Dates. If a search attribute is of type date it is not funtioning. And as a display attribute it is empty. Update Solved it, Working now! The placeholder was defined in the javascript as defaultstring but it has never been set to either the empty string or not found string.
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Hi Karol,

The widget you mention is not an Appstore widget, but a widget specifically build for certain projects. The widget is not supposed to be shared in the Appstore, since it has some quirks and constraints and is not applicable in general. I suggest filing any further bugs at

Regarding your problem, the files probably cannot be found since the filepaths have been moved between 2.5-rc2 and 2.5.1 (I think).

You need to either

  • adjust the paths to the images inside the CSS file
  • the include path of the CSS mentioned at the top of the javascript file
  • or move files around

until firebug gives you no 404's.