Master -Master details issues

I already sent this question to the support portal and waiting their reply but I want to know if there is anybody face this issue and how handle it: when I have data-grid 1 and data-grid 2 listen to it: I find some issues that should be fixed, when I add new object in data-grid 2 without selecting object from data-grid 1 --> it will add the data-grid 2 Object without referencing it to data-grid 1 although It supposed to be prevented unless selected. (so I am using micro-flow button on data-grid 1 rather than the default new button to make sure the object of outer data-grid 1 is selected first , but I hope that check exists by default in the next version) when I enter the page for the first time or refreshing the page , the context will be empty and so when i double clicked on the header column of the data_grid 2 for sorting , it displays all the objects in this entity because there is nothing in the context yet. in case of there is more than one master-master details relationship( data-grid 1,data-grid 2,data-grid 3,..) when data-grid 1 becomes unselected , data-grid 2 will be empty and this is good, but the data-grid 3 is still display the last chosen object of data-grid 2
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I think you should file it as a bug..