[solved] Excel importer does not retrieve objects for template creation

Hi all, I have another module with domain model, pages etc. Goal is, to import data from an excel sheet into this app. To that end, I have installed the excel importer and the MX Model reflection module. I have linked the template overview from the excel importer module to the navigation. Now, I would like to create an excel template from scratch. I go to: MyApp > Templates Overview > New Template. There I would like to select the mendix object. However, the list with selectable objects is empty. (I have used the module for another project) Since I do not see any MX objects... is there s.th. wrong with the MX model refection module? How can I check that? I could not find a hint in the FAQs. Any other suggestions?
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On the Main “Data Import” Tab,(for the ExcelImporter Module) there are 2 Options 1. Data Import Using Excel and 2. Synchronize database metadata


Click the 2nd Option, on the next page You will see all modules listed… just select all modules required and hit “Refresh”