Excel Importer-Not able to upload data for indirtectly assoicated Entity with Main Entity

While creating the template, I want to configure the column for which entity is not associated directly with main entity. For e.g. Customer is associated with Order with 1-Many relation. Now for the Test purpose Order entity is associated with TEST entity with 1-1 relation. Now Excel is having columns for all 3 entity. But While creating Template I can not incorporate any entity which is not directly associated with Customer entity. Can any one please suggest. Thanks.
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References can always be tricky in Excel. I would suggest if possible to set the references always in microflows after you imported all the tables. This way you can just do straight imports from Excel which is far less error prone. But to be able to do this you would need the customer id in the Order table. Then you can use this ID afterwards to retrieve the right customer object and set the reference.