Error when trying to load app in modeler

Hi all, Since a couple of weeks I am working on an app and have deployed it regularly to the sandbox. Yesterday, I have tried to deploy my app again, but it failed. When I try to start the app, I get the following message: It seems that the project file located at 'C:...\Mendix\MyApp-main\ MyApp.mpr' is already open in another instance of the Modeler. Opening a project more than once is not supported. Do you want to open the project anyway? Select: Yes. Next it says: The project located at 'C:...\Mendix\MyApp-main\ MyApp.mpr' cannot be opened, because the version of the original project file is not supported by this Modeler. Please commit the project first using the Modeler that you last opened it with. Background info: I have exported a module from MyApp and imported it to another app. Maybe, this info helps to solve the issue. Last successful deployment was on Sun, May 16 10:46 UTC+1 App is still running and can be accessed via url Any suggestions? How do I commit the project, if I cannot open it in the Modeler? Can I commit directly from admin portal? I really would like to build upon the work, that I have done in the last weeks. Many many thx in advance.
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Hi Tim,

You can commit using TortoiseSVN. I had similar kind of issue with different error where my project was not loading in the modeler due to some error about 'Pristine text'. I had some changes to commit but I was not able to open the project and even I was not able to commit using tortoiseSVN due to this 'Pristine text' error. So I had to install SmartSVN to recover pristine text file and then I was able to load my project in the modeler and commit it.

I found this blog and followed the guidelines from it to install SmartSVN. I used it for 'Pristine text' issue but I am sure this can help you to solve your commit issue as well. I also found that every version of SmartSVN is not compatible and it depends on TortoiseSVN version you are using on your machine. So in my case I was using TortoiseSVN 1.7 version and after trying out different versions of SmartSVN, finally found SmartSVN 7.6 version was compatible for me.

Hope this helps!