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What is wrong with my theme package if I get the error below in the Client Portal? ERROR: Can not create widgets from startpage.mxf Edit: Without using a theme I get a similar error: ERROR: Can not create widgets from forms/nl_NL/welcome.mxf. Can this be related to my upgrade to 2.4.3?
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Cannot create widgets can mean that the widgets defined on your startpage are not found by the client system.

This means:

  • Your startpage contains reporting widgets and you do not have your reporting module enabled (if you use a key).
    Solution: ask for a key with reporting enabled.
  • Your startpage contains a TemplateGrid while you don't use any TemplateGrid in your model in the Modeler. In that case the client system doesn't load the TemplateGrid widget.
    Solution: define a form in your Modeler with a TemplateGrid, or include the widget manually in index.html.
  • Since 2.4.3 the way we export the configurations for Dataview and DataGrid widgets has been changed. If you have a startpage in your theme package created for a previous version of the technology you probably have wrong widget definitions.
    Solution: change the following line (for each widget definition):
    <div contenturl="forms/en_US/Module/configurations/formname_1.xml" ... ></div>
    <div contenturl="forms/en_US/Module/grids/formname_1_243250.xml" ...></div>
    The name for the xml config file (including the number, which is random) can be found in the corresponding .mxf file.

Note that this problem only occurs if you have defined your startpage manually in your themepackage instead of using a startpage defined in the Modeler. Since 2.4.3 you can also use a start microflow if you need a conditional startpage!


To clarify Johan's post.

The message,

ERROR: Can not create widgets from startpage.mxf

indicates that the form being loaded contains widget definitions that have no corresponding widget in the client.

The web-based client by default only loads in the core functionality. For efficiency and performance reasons, functionality such as the Webtop, Reporting, Templating, etc will only be loaded in the browser if they are used in the application.

Once the core functionality of the client is loaded it will run through the startup sequence. One step in this is asking the server if any additional modules have to be loaded. The server examines the model and tells the client which (if any) additional modules have been used in the application. The client will subsequently load them dynamically as necessary.

The heart of the matter here is that you have a start page that was created by hand. You can manually specify widgets here that come from modules that are never used in the modeler.

The server therefore cannot tell the client that you are using these modules here, so you have to explicitly include them in the index page of your application's theme package.


It might be a wrong '/' in the reference to the form in your welcomes page which you can find in your theme package's ui folder.


You can check manually whether there is a welcome.mxf in the web\forms\nl_NL folder. If this is not the case the xml file for the form has not been created.


Clear browser cache? ;)


Question based on the answer of Johan:

When I open my \web\forms\nl_NL\Module\grids path there are 10 xml files with the same form name. Only the number (which is new in the 2.4.3) is different. Which one should I choose to put in my conditional loader? And what is the difference between the different xml files?