How to add attachment to MxDN ticket which is not accepted

I have a ticket posted on MxDN which has been set to a status of 'Not accepted' because it does not have a test project attached to reproduce the issue. So I have created a test project. I choose to Go to ticket from the message, but if I go to the attachments tab of the existing ticket, there seems no way to add a new attachment. How can I do this?
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OK - I found it. If you choose Go to ticket from a message, it opens a read-only view of the ticket. To edit it you need to find the ticket itself and choose Edit.


So you HAVE to add a testproject to each incident? Why is that? Some bugs are too general and easy to understand without a test project.


I have modified the application so that using the 'Go to ticket' button will open the edit form if the ticket status is 'Not accepted'.

This change should go live when the newest version of the portal is deployed in the upcoming days.