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I wondered if you could give me a little advice please. I’ve noticed that the Google Analytics widget can be used, per page, using the Page Tracker outside a dataview. I’ve linked it up and I’m getting VERY basic pageviews back from it. I'm assuming when it's used this way, I have to put a Page Tracker on each page in my app. However, I can’t seem to find useful documentation on it, let alone any examples. I’m looking for a very broad tracker to start with, and was wondering if Master Page Tracker would work, but I can’t find a convenient dataview to put it in. The docs say that it should go in the master page layout - would this equate to the navigation layout? Assuming I get too frustrated with it, and go back to the old school js style way of using analytics, can I just put the analytics code in the underlying java, or will this get overwritten on updates? Thanks Tarique
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Hi Tarique,

We have all our widgets on Github, so Google Analytics as well. If you download the ZIP-file (Clone or download -> Download as ZIP), you have a test-project in the folder test when you extract it. Open this one, it will give you a few examples. Also, the README might give you some insights in how it is used.