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Form Refresh Problem Currently I have a project which requires me to create accouts. Currently I have a form with a dataview and in this data view I have tabs to contain specific parts of data. The account is created by the means of a microflow, which sets it current Owner (not the owner in the system but a relationship by the name of AccountUserOwner) to the current user by default and then passes the newly created Account Object to the AccountNewEdit form. Whether the Object is Comitted or not doesn’t seem to affect the problem. The problem I’m having here is that the default tab(General) shows no errors, but currently my second(Details) tab and 4th tab(Administration) do show an Error initially. I have turned on the refresh on Property of the tab, but this doesn’t remove the problem. I have also turned the tabs around a few times and it always seems like the primary tab doesn’t contain errors, but yet the secondary tabs appear to keep their problems. I did found out that when I switch from the details tab to the general tab, that the errors suddenly disappear. This is also the case when I edit the field. This might be because of the enabled Refresh on Show option, but it doesn’t properly seem to work in my case. All in all this seems like a refresh bug with the tabs, although I don’t if there might be a workaround for it. Here are some screenies. General General -> Details Details back to General
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It works properly if I use 1 dataview per tab. It would be nice though if it would work the other way around. Anyway, thanks for the reaction.