Different CSS theme depending on user

I wonder if it is possible to show a different CSS styling dependent on the user that logs in. I have read some forum discussions from Luis Rodrigues that he is working on this (does it work Luis?). A pity a can not send him a private message through this forum, because a customer of ours is asking for this feature. Is this possible? Can the theme picker be used for this? Now with 2.5 we have the possibility to change the theme with the theme picker. Would be nice if I could set this from within Mendix. Regards, Ronald
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You can only do this if you have different forms for different user roles. If that's true, you could add a css class to the toplevel dataview and then make different styles in your team. Example:

Form: CustomerView, css-class: customer Form: AdministratorView, css-class: admin

in your custom stylesheet:

/* This will apply for customer */
.customer .sometablecell {

/* This will apply for admin */
.admin .sometablecell {

/* This will apply for both */
.sometablecell {
border:2px solid black;

In this case I have multiple companies. What I would like is that a user of company x would get a different style then the user of company y.