Unexpected reset of MxAdmin password

In our development environment the MxAdmin password is set to 1. In our server environments (test, acceptation and production) the password is set to a differnt one with more complexity. This is done using the function of the Mendix Service Console. Often it happens that the password in the server environments is unexpectedly reset to 1. Does anyone have the same experience and possibly a solution. Note: Server environment is based on Windows 2008R2, with modeler version 2.5.1 and service version 1.05
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In Development and Testing mode, the MxAdmin password keeps getting overwritten with the value specified in the modeler. In Acceptance and Production mode this won't happen.

Development and Testing mode are meant to be used when running a project using the modeler.

When running a project on a server environment, always choose either Acceptance or Production mode.

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