Non-range data set parameter DateTime

Is it possible to specify a DateTime parameter on a data set that doesn't work as a range? I need to generate a report based on 2 separate DateTime parameters, each being a single point in time, not a range. Also, I would like to give these parameters different default values. Am I correct to assume that this is currently not possible? Edit: What I meant to say was that I need 2 single date fields. One is needed to constrain >= $Contract/StartDate, while the other needs to constrain <= $Contract/EndDate. As far as I can tell, this is not possible using a DateTime report parameter. The closest I would come to this is using two DateTime range selectors, but then I would be stuck with 2 useless fields (i.e. the From field of the first and To field of the second). Correct?
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SImple answer, from what I can tell is.. No

I needed to get all entries for a certain year and just used an Int with range 2010-2017, then used DATEPART(Year,TotalMi/Date) = $Year with $Year being that int.

Maybe something similar could work for you? It's inelegant and I dislike the dropdown but in the meantime it's the only solution I have managed