Forum and usage of the Email address in the URL

Never having problems with SPAM until the last couple of weeks. Therefore I used google to search for my Email address on the internet and found out that the only place where my Email address is used is the Mendix forum. The Link for User information is: The Email address in not needed because the link also works without my Email address and the Forum uses also different links ending on "jacco-feenstra" and "jacco feenstra". I could not find out where the link with Email address is triggered from. Because the usage of the Email address in the URL is redundant my question is to use URL's without Email address.
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There was a short period of time in which we accidentally exposed the email addresses of users (a long time ago btw, 6 months+)

We rectified this as soon as we discovered it but unfortunately, google caches the pages. Our apologies for the inconvenience.