How do I open a datagrid with a list of objects from a microflow

I retrieve a list with objects in a microflow. I would like to show this list in a datagrid form that I open from this microflow. How can I show in this datagrid only the list with objects I retrieved in the microflow?
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Add a dummy association between the datagrid and dataview object, then after you've acquired your list add a relation for each of the lists objects. Now open the form by using the parent object, then constrain your datagrid by using:

dummyAssocationdataviewObjectdatagridObject/dataviewObject/id = '[%CurrentObject%]' (set context of datagrid to private).

Just don't forget to clear the dummy relationship(s) before the next time you use this microflow to open a form.


That isn't possible yet. To the Open Form action in microflow only a dataview object can be applied. Not lists for datagrids. So you have to work around, with for example a boolean attribute on your datagrid object and a constraint on that attribute on your datagrid.