Navigation Tree caption limitation

I am using the navigation tree and have come across an issue where I am using the same caption for two different navigation items under different sections of the tree. Example: Two sections one Customer and one Order - underneath I have a navigation item with caption new (each) - obviously with different targets. This is not allowed or as a matter of fact it deploys but in the client the user is presented with a warning at the bottom left hand side of the screen saying that there is a naming collision. on top all the navigation items that have the same caption get a "(1)" behind the original text. I want to be able to use one and the same caption more often. Any way around or will this be possible in future release?
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the data-structure that underlies the 'navigation tree' you are using comes from an external source that was sufficient at the time, but has some deficiencies. To guard against future use-cases where it would not be sufficient I added warning triggers. At the time we were not certain that this would become part of the Mendix core technology stack.

You have managed to trigger the exact case this guard was put in place for several years ago.

The warning trigger was supposed to be a trigger for internal testing and a blocking flag for externals going to production. It is gratifying to see that this is what is happening now.

I suggest you file a ticket in MXDN so Mendix R&D can pick it up in the next release cycle.