Help creating account for new user

I have a very simple domain model where there is a Person which has a generalization of Administration.Account. The first page that people see is a login page where existing users can log in and if you do not have an account you click create new account. I am trying to get anonymous users to be able to create an account from that page, but cannot seem to figure out how to get users to fill out a form where they are able to enter in a password. I don't seem to be able to access the "NewPassword" field. Thanks
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Since you are an anonymous user you are not able to access the account fields. I might be better to let the anonymous user fill out a registration form with email address etc. Then you can use the deeplink module to generate a deeplink and mail this to the person that filled out the registration form. You can use the deeplink to pick up the user account and then show that account page to the now new user. Now the person can edit the password etc.

Hope this helps.