Same page looks different in different browsers

Hello, I'm having some layout issues. The following is a screenshot of a page within Google Chrome: Next is the same page in Mozilla Firefox. Notice the weird top bar and the lack of a scroll-bar on the right: Finally, the same page in Internet Explorer. The scroll-bar on the right is missing again. Chrome displays the page correctly. What do I need to do to get the other two browsers to look the same? Also, I used CCleaner to delete all temporary internet files before taking these screens.
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Without seeing your CSS I can only assume you are using a webkit scrollbar (or some other sort of custom scrollbar) and Firefox doesn't support custom scrollbars to my knowledge.


Regarding scrollbars in IE, you can try to add this to your css:

html, body {
     -ms-overflow-style: scrollbar;

The Bootstrap css that Mendix uses sometimes(?) causes IE10/11 to think it should use mobile scrollbar UI even on desktop. Here some more info on the topic. However I don't know why it's also happening to Firefox, and why the view is so different from Chrome there, haven't encountered that myself yet.