Can nested data-grid auto refresh

Hello, I have a data-grid that is nested in a dataview. I have set the data-grid to refresh but it doesn't. The auto refresh works fine for non-nested data grid. Therefore I wonder: Does the auto refresh work for nested data grid? If no, how do you solve it? Thanks Fredrik
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Did you try to do a refresh on the dataview? It depends a bit on how complex your form is but as a general rule refreshing the main object does the trick.



[EDIT] You can only refresh the main object with a microflow. The assumption is that something on the page triggers the need for a refresh. The on change microflow there just retrieves the main object and does a refresh on that object. If something outside of the page is triggering the need for a refresh is gets more complicated. Then you need the microflow timer widget ( to run the microflow that does the refresh.

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Maybe I don't see the trees for the wood but how to do a refresh the DataView - I don't see that setting! The dataview just has a Entity as it's data source, passed by the calling page.

:) Fredrik



at what point do you expect to see the datagrid refresh ? I would normally assume after you use actions to change stuff inside the grid? like add new stuff or change existing objects? are there MF running on those actions that have their REFRESH in Client action set to off?


do you expect the grid to creatively update when someone else changes something in the underlying records?



Thanks, good point of clarification.

It is the second alternative. When one user update the underlying records then I want the grid for all other users to update. The grid updates as expected fot the user that does the change (commit).

// :) Fredrik