Calendar places Object object in front of title

Hi, I'm using the calendar-widget and some items in the calendar are displayed in te calendar with object Object (yes, in bold) in front of the title. When I place a datagrid under the calendar that shows the title, the titles are showed normally, but in the calendar they are showed as object Object <title>. Some testing learns that this does not happen for new items in the calendar, but after editting the start date and/or end date and/or full day boolean the object Object appears most of the times (but not all the times). Does anyone know if this is a bug in the widget or something I can avoid easily?
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We think that on the place of the object Object the start and end date/time should be. We use a custom date/time format dd-MM-yyyy HH-mm, maybe the calendar can not handle that. We have a workaround now, that in the title of the calendar item we also display the time. And the all day boolean is always set to true, so that the calendar does not show the time (or object Object as well.