Differentiating General Access to Email Link Access

I have a Mendix application where an email is sent to the customer to select a booking, if the customer clicks the link a second time it takes them to the homepage after displaying a message saying the link has expired; the problem I have is that the message pops up even when trying to access the site normally so I need to understand how I differentiate as user that is arriving via a link in an email to generic access.
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You need to adjust the microflow DeepLinkHome. When a pendingLink has been found you have the hitcount available for that pending link. Create an exclusive split that checks the hitcount and then either execute the pendinglink or show the message that the link has expired.


Ronald [EDIT]

On second thought this will not work. The hitcount is for the deeplink and not the pending link. The problem is on how to retrieve the URL the user used to access the application. I have to think about that one.

[EDIT2] The only sollution I see is to adept the StartDeeplinkJava. If you receive parameters then it means that somebody tried to use a deeplink. You could throw the deeplink expired error from the customized Java code.