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Hello Forum, Recent changes to gmail's DMARC policy have forced us to alter our email practices. We now must specify a ReplyTo email address that is different from the FromEmail. Below is the release from sendgrid, whom we utilize for emails: In the past, we set the FromEmail to $Account/CurrentUser, but now doing will sometimes result in blocked emails due to spoofing concerns because the domain of the sender / recipient is the same. White labeling the the sender IP address and domain have not resolved the issue. Per our email provider (sendgrid), we must now set the FromEmail to a 'no-reply' email and then set the ReplyTo email to the $Account/Email. I'd hoped it would be as easy as creating another parameter ("ReplyTo") within the SendEmail MF (provided by Appronto) and setting it to $Account/Email in each of our email MFs, but I've been unable to get the ReplyTo to show up in recipient email clients. Apparently, I am missing a step. Have any of you run into this issue, and how did you all amend the Appronto (or Mx) email module? Thank you! Ricky
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Answer also here: It’s correct that you can run into spoofing issues when sending from a customer domain. You mentioned that you send mails from $account/Email. Are this variable domains? Of do all accounts end with the same customer domain? For example: when all the $account/Email ends with then you have to add a TXT record to the DNS. After that you will not be flagged as spam anymore,

If you want to send from and change the Reply-to, that should also be possible. - Add a parameter ReplyToAddress to the SendEmail Java action of type string - Open the file (javasource/approntocommon/actions) in notepad of Eclipse

Change this line

  • String plainTekst = this.EmailText.replace("<br/>", "\r\n");


  • String plainTekst = this.EmailText.replace("<br/>", "\r\n");
  • config.setReplyToAddress(this.ReplyToAddress);

We will update the module asap.