trigger_startup action executed during a session

I have something strange happening. Suddenly a trigger_startup action is executed after executing a basic microflow which just closes a form and opens another one. Trace: Incoming client request: {"action":"trigger_startup","params":{"environment":undefined},"context":[]} What else than logging in can trigger trigger_startup?
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The trigger_startup is executed on,

  • The initial startup when loading the Mendix web client
  • A restart event that is performed when changing authentication in an an existing session (usually this occurs when switching 'live' from an anonymous session to a named-user session, such as you use for shopping-cart applications)
  • A command from the server (which seems to be happening here).

My guess here is that you have found a bug. Obviously this should not happen during normal operation but the server is fairly aggressive when dealing with authentication procedures and you seem to have triggered a false positive event.

Please reproduce this in a test project and submit it as a bug to MXDN so it can be picked up by R&D.