Support Portal - Rework feedback widget to send information to other endpoint (Mx Application)

We are currently developing a support portal/module for our own Mendix Application. We really like how the feedback via the mendix portal works, but due to some limitations of the feedback/story API (Mainly Images/documents) we would like to create our own feedback/support portal. Would it be possible to rework the feedback widget in such a way that it sends the information (through a webservice) to another endpoint than Sprintr.? Or would I be better of creating my own widget from scratch with basicly the same functionalities (Retrieve data from user account, possibility to add a screenshot/document). I would like to be able to set it up in such a way that this module could be added to the appstore but this is not a requirement. Any suggestions/tips on where to start?
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Start with the widget as it is currently in the Appstore and check the Appstore as something similar was already done IIRC