Working with Modules

I haven't been on the Mendix training as yet so this question may be farly simple. How should I use modules? I have an application that has a number of core features which I presume I can breakdown as modules, however, the domain model will share some common data tables across all modules. Should I be using modules in this way or should I create one modules containing all the relevant code? Thanks in advance
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Just split up your functional entities in modules, example:

  • HRM Module (Employee Entity, Business Unit Entity)
  • CRM Module (Customer Entity, Organization Entity)
  • Projects Module (Project Entity, ProjectPlan Entity)

Then you can easily use cross-module associations. Example: Project.Project ---> CRM.Organization


It's pretty common to be using at least some of the entities of other modules' domain models in modules, there will most likely be some interaction between different modules so using the entities is not a bad thing.


Ok thank you for that