URL not redirecting to /index.html

Hi everyone, With our current Mendix project we are experiencing problems with the configuration of our URL of said project. The problem seems to be in the redirection from https://www.example.com to the https://www.example.com/index.html page. If we manually enter /index.html we are redirected to the /login.html page as desired. However we only wish to enter .com and automatically go to the login page. Does anyone have any ideas how to solve this issue? It doesn't seem to be a IIS configuration error but rather a Mendix Thanks in advance!
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Are you sure you have index.html defined as one of the Default Documents in your IIS configuration? It did not used to be there by default (iisstart.htm and Default.htm were defined) so you have to add it yourself.

Edit: Glad it helped sort out the problem. For your info, here is where Default Documents are defined in my version of IIS: IIS


In our version of IIS 8 the Default Documents module was not available upon installation. After adding this module in IIS the problem seems to be solved! Thanks for helping!