Web service constants

Is it possible to define web service constants in your configuration on the server? I would to connect to differtent urls for different enviroments? (test - acceptance - production) Update 1 I did indeed check out those pages. With deployment on Linux, where I only have 'regular' constants, I got error messages that I had to define the constants manually in the m2ee file. On Windows, which is the case here, the application is already running and apparantly there never was an message that the constants had to be defined. This is what made me question the possibility. Is there a difference between the sort of constants in the need to explicitly define them?
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Of course, that's the whole idea :) You can configure them the same way you would configure any constant.

see this or this page, depending on your operating system

Note that you only need to configure constants explicitly in production or acceptance mode. Development of Test mode will take the constant values from the project file. Production and Acceptance need the values configured, any constant that isn't configured will throw an error at startup.