Help text when user hovers over input field

I am trying to implement help text when the user hovers over an input field. Is there any simple way of achieving this? I see that there is a Bootstrap Tooltip widget but I'm not sure how to use this. In particular if I have a form with a Contact dataview containing a Surname textbox, what do I need to do to specify and enable hover text on the Surname textbox. I am relatively new to Mendix and not a java programmer. Any assistance gratefully received.
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The way you want to use the Bootstrap Tooltip widget is as follows.

  • In your dataview form, add a special class to the Surname attribute, say surnameTip
  • Add the Bootstrap Tooltip widget to your form, and also set the 'Target element class' property to surnameTip.
  • Set the tooltip mode and position as desired.
  • Set the tooltip text to display in 'Default text' (or alternatively use a microflow source that returns a calculated string value).

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