Logging microflows execution

I am trying to obtain the same Microflow Identifier used in the logging of the Microflows when you set set the logging for "MicroflowEngine" to Debug or Trace e.g. [208561743d8cee0] Finished execution of microflow 'Administration.IVK_RetrieveTourplanAlternateBookingOverview_FromBookingUserHist' We extract the logs to analyse the long running Microflows but need to put some application data in the logs to tag the "Microflow Engine" logs to be abale to analyse the data that was processed by the microflow. I would like to be able to add the same identifier, in this example [208561743d8cee0] to a log I generate from within the executing microflow.
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Take a look at the logging module. This listens to the console messages and contains the identifier you are looking for.