ORACLE Deployment Issues

Hi, I've got three issues: We are running a MENDIX application version on an ORACLE database. When we deployed a new version this morning we got 2 issues from the Service Console. 1) It complained that a user with Administrative rights cannot have a password of '1'. So we were able to add a user with password '1', this user was able to login and use the system, but as soon as we loaded a new version, the system crashed. I went into the database to update the password and went past the exception. 2) We made some Domain Model changes, and upon running the new version from the Console, it gave an error : Error on executing: ALTER TABLE "ENTICE$TIMESLOT" MODIFY ("AUDIENCEREACHEXPECTED" number(20)) ORA-01439: column to be modified must be empty to change datatype (SQL State: 72000, Error Code: 1439) All changes are rolled back. I cleared the tables in the database and everything was working fine. Is this behaviour expected or are we doing something wrong? Regards Frikkie
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When a column already contains data in one or more rows, some datatype changes cannot be done automatically. This depends on the DBMS type.


As for issue 1) when you deploy a new version there is a check if there are any administrators in the system with an unsafe password. Unless you change the password, you can not deploy the app. If you change it, you could change it back once the app is deployed. On the other hand do you really want an administrator on a production system with password '1'?