OQL Table Joins

So OQL is new to me !!! Firstly I've designed my domain as though it where RDBMS with columns joining tables, which I guess are now redundant? Secondly, to create reports I presuem that I need to build an appropraite dataset using OQL? IF so How do I reference data from multiple tables without using something like 'select a.col2, b.col2 from a, b where a.indx = b.indx!!! so a traditional sql join statement. Thanks in advance for your help! Regards Nick Ford
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You're correct, in Mendix you don't use columns to join tables, but you use associations to connect entities. Take for example the following domain model: Domain model

A simple OQL query that shows all customers with their jobs would look something like this:

SELECT customer/FullName AS CustomerName,
       profile/Job AS Job
FROM MyModule.Customer AS customer
INNER JOIN customer/MyModule.Customer_Profile/MyModule.Profile AS profile

See also the Mendix documentation on OQL and the Domain Model for more information.