How to make a safe delete action: show form / widget Confirm microflow

I want to make a safe delete action: show a form withe twe buttons: Yes, i want to delete No, i want to cancel What is the most easy way to build this. Microflow with show form and a delete action? Or use the widget confirm microflow....?
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If you want to have this delete action from a datagrid I would use a microflow to show a yes/no form with 2 buttons and 2 further microflows (1 for the delete+close form and 1 for the close form)attached to the buttons. As you're not able to pass the selection in the grid to the microflows of the confirm microflow widget. In a dataview you could use the confirm microflow to do the safe delete, as there you are able to pass the object, but the other method as described for the grid works as well.