multible CurrentObject in x-path

If I have an Object (D) that has the following relations: (D) --> (A) one (i.e : one A has many D ) (D) --> (B) one (i.e : one B has many D ) (D) --> (C) one (i.e : one C has many d ) where there is no relation between A,B,C I have data-grid of (D) and I want to filter it through x-path by reaching to the current object that I want it to be the data-view of the (A) and (B) and (C) (I mean something like DA='[%CurrentObject%]' and DB='[%CurrentObject%]' and D_C='[%CurrentObject%]') . How can I apply this x-path ?
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Hi Mohammad,

It is not possible to constrain on multiple 'current objects', so you need to define additional relations.