Difference between- RUN option and Commit

Can any one please clear the concepts of RUN, Commit, Deployed to license Cloud As per my understanding- RUN is to execute the application with Team server ( Which works as Development region with configuration management & various other features. Commit is to reflect the changes into Team Server along with conflict concept. Deployed to License cloud - for deploying & Publishing the Application into actual cloud. Now when any application is deployed into License cloud then RUN option becomes disable. I am not getting the purpose of disabling this option as it is for the Team server only. Though RUN option is disabled for the application deployed into license cloud but Commit option is still enable. So changes still can be deployed. Also if lets say two developers are using different version- Dev1 using 6.3.1 Dev2 using 6.5.0 For both RUN option is disabled for the application deployed into license cloud but both can commit the changes.. Will it not make the issue with version conflict.
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Run will build your application and deploy it to a sandbox or free app node. For the build, it needs to commit your changes to Team Server.

The commit will only commit to Team Server.

The Run option is not intended for licensed nodes. In the project dashboard, deploy tab, you can create a new build and deploy it to your licensed node.


When you have a licensed version you can go to the project Node security (in you project environment goto the wheel in the right corner and then to the tab Node security). Here you can define which project member is allowed to deploy. If you set this up correctly only the developers with the right access rights are able to deploy the model to the cloud.