Are validation rules executed when change activity is set to: Yes without events?

Are validation rules on attributes in the metamodel executed when the object is changed in an activity that is set to: 'Yes without events?
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Yes, these validation rules apply in every situation.

However, since 2.4.3 it is possible to configure validation messages manually in a micro flow. Now you could also create before commit micro flows for the validation rules you don't want to be applied. When you now choose the property 'Yes without events' for a change activity these validation rules won't apply.

I hope this is a useful alternative.


Yes, these validation rules are alway executed, the 'yes without events' can be used to, for instance, skip a before commit event of the object in question.

I had a challenge with this, as I wanted an external system to be able to create a new object that had these validation rules specified. This resulted in server errors, as the webservice did not provide all the required data for that object