can we use the google map widget more than once in a page?

I am having problem while loading a page for the first time if i use Google map widget more than once in that page. i am showing a template grid where the Google map widget is used to show the objects' location. But for the first time after running the application if i try to open that page then it keeps loading and never ends. But if i click on some other menu button in the navigation list to do some other work and after that if i click on that particular menu item which shows that page, then it is loading perfectly. I am not sure what the problem is. Can anyone please help me?
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You can open an issue on Github if you want, then I'll have a look at it.

The thing that might happen is that it takes a long time to load the Google Maps, which in turn will prevent the firing of the callback from the update method. I'll check that, I am working on another bugfix for this widget today/tomorrow.

The other possibility is that because Google Maps is not loaded from Google yet, and in the template grid it tries to load it several times. I'll see if I can reproduce this issue/behavior.