How to create a sketch with clickable sections in mendix?

Hi all, For our project we were asked to make a clickable sketch which is configurable for the user. So what does it mean: 1. The user should be able to create boxes, circles, tiangles etc. and make them larger or smaller by dragging it. 2. Clicking on one of the items should trigger a microflow or show a page. 3. It should be shown to other users who can click, but not alter it. My question is about the first feature. Has anyone experience doing this? I saw that microflows have actually the same functionality (I have mis-used a microflow page to create a drawing, which could be the output of feature 1). a. It can create a box (for example the action activity) b. This box can be made smaller or larger c. It can create circles and other items d. I, as user, am able to click on them and another page is shown to me Does anyone know whether there is a widget for this or how to do this any other way? Looking forward to the answer(s), Mariƫtte
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I can pretty safely say that this functionality does not already exist as a Mendix widget. This is a very specific and UI intensive project requirement, so you will definitely need a custom widget.

A lot of times you can jump start your Mendix widget development by using an existing javascript library to do the heavy lifting, and focus your widget development on integrating the library's functionality with Mendix objects and microflows.

With a quick google search, I found the JointJS library, which is not free, but seems to have a lot of the diagramming features you're looking for. Here is another list of 10 diagramming libraries for JavaScript.