Mendix modeler behind proxy not working

Hi, I'm trying to get mendix modeler running behind a isa proxy. this is not working. In IE8 internetsettings I insert our isa proxy. -On isa with only windows-domain authentication enabled. I can see that the mendix modeler is trying to connect with an anonymous useraccount. which should be the current logged-on user. so this is not working. -On isa with anonymous authentication enabled. I can see, that the software is connecting to the isa server. but mendix modeler is not trying to open any mendix website. How to get mendix modeler running with a proxy server? Should something be changed in the "Modeler.exe.config". In "Modeler.exe.config" the authentication/credential type is "None". The issue seems like (option 4) Tried version an Thanx for any reply's in this issue. D.
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Found it. It is indeed a code error. workaround is as followed.

In the "Modeler.exe.config" add the following:

<> <defaultproxy enabled="true" usedefaultcredentials="true"> <bypasslist> <add address="localhost"/> </bypasslist> <proxy usesystemdefault="True" proxyaddress="" bypassonlocal="True"/> </defaultproxy> </>


We had similar issues with this. Now we are using Apache which is working perfect.