Image quality using PhoneGap Camera widget

Hello, I am creating a hybrid mobile app that uses the phone gap camera widget to capture an image. The problem I am experiencing is that the images taken using the widget are not clear and legible when I view them using the desktop version of the application. I can zoom in on the images which does help with the reading some of the text in the image, but I am hoping that I can improve the image quality. I have tried changing the image quality setting for the widget from a default of 50 to 100 which has helped a little. Does anyone know if there is some sort of auto correct tool I could use to enhance the quality of the images or another solution I can try? Thank you for your help.
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Are you by chance running you application in the cloud? I came across the following while searching; >>Image-quality-loss

Additionally the widget description states the following:

Image quality

Be aware that setting this higher will be more taxing and will take longer to upload. If quality width and height are both set to 0, the image will be saved full size.

Perhaps that might help, taking the warning into consideration.