JQuery for widgets

Is there anybody that could tell me of has experience with building a Mendix widget using the JQuery Javascript library? We have a specification for an interesting widget but the developer would rather built this using JQuery instead of Dojo toolkit since this would reduce the development effort dramatically by reusing existing components.
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The SimpleChart widget is entirely based on JQuery, so it is perfectly possible.

Just put an dojo.provide("mymodule.jquery") on top of the jquery file, and in the header of your widget put dojo.require("mymodule.jquery"). Dojo will make sure that JQuery will be loaded when the client is loaded.

To prevent issues in the future, you might want to check whether jQuery isn't loaded already by another widget before requiring it. Further, my advice is to use 'jQuery.xxx' instead of '$.xxx' throughout your code.


Is it also possible to use jQuery in the HTML / Javascript Snippet widget that can be downloaded from the Mendix App Store?