ReCAPTCHA - Post-Verification Microflow

Hi All, I'm trying to implement the reCAPTCHA widget from INCENTRO but running into two issues... Firstly, after getting the widget to display, the users ticks the 'I'm not a robot' box but nothing happens. After a little wait and the Verification Expired messages comes up, if the user now checks the 'I'm not a robot box then the verification images now shows up. Why aren't they showing up first time? Secondly, post verification, I don't seem to be able to get the widget to run my post verification microflow. I've set the microflow up in the siteKey tab but once the user clicks on the Verify button on the ReCAPTCHA nothing happens except for the tick that show the reCAPTCHA has been verified. Any help will be extremely welcome. Many thanks in advance!
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Hi Mohammed, We are aware of this bug. Currently our office in Spain is looking into this. It seems the reload function is not used after an update of the entity. The idea is to force the context object to reload and then the widget should reset the re-captcha.

The post verification microflow should be an action button that send the context object to the backend. On Github there is an example project where you can test this behaviour.

I hope this helps.