How to hide empty list view if you cant do it with a attribute in object above

Hi guys, As you may know, list view is giving ugly empty row (no resuls fount or something in it) if it has no results in it. I am wondering what you guys do to hide this row in a case where you can't solve it by (adding) a visibility attribute in the object above. In my case is the domain model: (Request) 1- N Offer__Request (Offer) & (Supplier)1- N Supplier__Offer (Offer) I thought to making a helper entity which holds a boolean true or false on basis of the supplier sent a offer to this request. Side-effect of this is each time a lot of unnecessary you have a simpler solution?
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hiding the element isn't hard, its replacing it that proves a challange.

to hide the element add this to your sass:

.mx-listview > > {
  display: none



I did a work around with this, that text that says "No Items Found" has a class associated with it, I believe it is .mx-list-empty or something similar to this. I set the color of the text to transparent, so that "No Items Found" would not appear. it is just a workaround, but it works for me, hopefully it helps.