What is MxClientSystem and mxui.css and how to change this?

Hi, in order to change the class mx-listview-empty i found in console of the browser that the class is in mxui.cs of mxclientsystem. What is this mxclientsystem, how is the inside ui generated and how can I change the inner content, mx-listview-empty class?
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mxui.css is the standard css that comes with the Mendix Platform. mxclientsystem is the folder from the runtime that contains all javascript/css(and others) that is required to run a Mendix application in the browser.

If you want to change the styling, use a custom css file (that is included in your index.html) and overwrite the css.

What exactly is it you want to achieve?


If you mean mxui.css, that's the default stylesheet for Mendix.

If you want to change your styles, look in your project's styles folder (Default: DocumentsMendix\<project name="">\Theme\css) for a file named mendix-custom.css, and add your styles there. Or you can add another custom css file by editing the index.html file in your theme folder.